Noble Brothers Violins takes a particular delight In the finer handmade instruments from various violin-making traditions. 
Here is a selection from our current collection. 
Please contact Dave with any questions or if you would like to play any of the instruments.


John Juzek.  Made in Germany in 1945.   $2800

Joh. Heinrich Hammig.  Made in Mittenwald, Germany, circa 1930.  $2800

Neuner Hornsteiner.  Made in Mittenwald, Germany, in 1923 (restored by Noble Bros. in 2003).  $2950


J.R. Carlisle.  Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1952.  $3750

John Juzek.  “Master Art” model made in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1944.  $3800

Villaume School.  Made in Paris, France, in 1885.  $4500


Heinrich T.H. Heberlein  Made in Markneukirchen, Germany, in 1923.  $4800

J. Aschow.  #172 made in Oakland, California, in 1923.  $5000


Albert Lee.  Made in Beijing, China, in 1988.  $3500

Noble Bros 7/8 model.  Made in Longmont, Colorado, in 2008.  $3700

Anton Schroetter.  Made in Mittenwald, Germany, circa 1950 (restored by Noble Bros. in 2012).  $4800


Dave Noble.  Made in Longmont, Colorado, in 2010.  $8500

John Rödig.  Made in Bayern, Germany, in 1902 (restored by Noble Bros. in 2005).  $8800