Noble Bros Violin offers minor and major restoration services for violins, violas, and cellos. Our general shop charge is $80 per hour. Depending on what needs to be accomplished, costs can run as little as $20 or move into several hundred dollars depending on what repairs are necessary. Simple instrument set up, including new bridge, strings, and soundpost adjustment typically comes to around $200-300.  

  Basic services include:
Bridge installation
Soundpost installation or adjustment
String replacement
Peg doping or soaping
Nut replacement or adjustment
Rim gluing
Tailpiece adjusters or tailwire installation
Fingerboard adjustments
Endpin installation
Instrument cleaning and polishing
Bow rehair
Instrument appraisals

Major restoration work, which usually involves removing the top to re-glue and cleat cracks, can amount to more than $600 for a violin and $900 for a cello. In order to give you an accurate estimate of repair costs we need to assess the instrument in the shop first.

Please call to schedule an appointment.

This fall we completed a major restoration on a 200 year old violin. The owner was extremely pleased and has offered to give information about the work done on his instrument and how it came out. This information may be obtained by calling us at 303-776-0091. Also, please view the photographs of work we have done previously.

As a general policy, we believe in conservation first, and would only recommend refinishing in cases where instruments are badly damaged. We use real varnish finishes that allow an instrument to breathe (air and humidity). We do not use any polyurethanes. We also recommend our particular shop polish as it adds a light protection and helps to keep instruments humidified.